Trends in the Subclass 457 Business (Long Stay) Visa Program to April 2009


Key Points
• Demand for the Subclass 457 Business (Long Stay) (Subclass 457) visa program continues to slow following changes in the global and local economies.
• Primary visa applications in April 2009 were 47 per cent lower than September 2008.
• Primary visa grants in April 2009 were 64 per cent lower than September 2008.
• Primary visa applications lodged year to date are three per cent below the corresponding period last program year and primary applications granted are four per cent below. This is the first time this program year that each measure been reported negative growth.

The decline in the number of primary applications for applicants who are outside Australia continued in April 2009. The number of offshore primary visa applications received in April 2009 was 57 per cent lower than those received in September 2008 and 16 per cent lower than March 2009

Flow of Subclass 457 visa holders to permanent residence
There has been an increase in the number of grants of permanent residence visas to people who last held a Subclass 457 visa. The number of permanent visa grants in April 2009 to primary applicants where the person last held a Subclass 457 visa was 47 per cent greater than those in April 2008.

Sanctions of sponsors
Employers who are approved as a sponsor are monitored to ensure that they are honouring their sponsorship undertakings. If the business does not comply with these undertakings the department may impose sanctions. To 30 April 2009, the department had issued 134 sanctions in the 2008- 09 program year, which is 23 per cent lower than the same period in the 2007-08 program year

The Worker Protection Act is scheduled to commence in September 2009. Regulations supporting the Worker Protection Act are currently being prepared. On 1 April 2009, the Government announced changes to the Subclass 457 visa program, which will be implemented progressively between April 2009 and September 2009 in order to ensure that it continues to provide industry with needed skills, while not undermining local training and employment opportunities. On 14 April 2009, the English language requirement for Subclass 457 visa applicants increased from an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 4.5 to 5. This requirement applies to people making a Subclass 457 application on or after 14 April 2009 and, for the first time, applies to people applying as chefs or head chefs (ASCO 3322-11 or 3322-01).

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December 16, 2013 07:24:31

stephanieHi,I have a diploma in English oudtise Australia but I do not have a bachelor degree. And I have one master degree in Educational studies, one graduate diploma in Translation and One master degree in Accounting(16 subjects). I had already got my skill assessment from ICAA but they did not ask me to provide bachelor degree. Under the new points test, the applicant who has a bachelor degree in Australia or overseas can get 15 marks. Does this mean I can only get 10 marks for my qualification? Thanks!

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