Changes to the 2008-09 Skilled Migration Program March 2009


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2008-09 Migration Program Changes – March 2009 Frequently Asked Questions
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Q1 What changes have been announced for the Skilled Migration program?
Q2 What does capping the program mean?
Q3 Why have these changes been introduced?
Q4 What was the last change announced by the Government?
Q5 Why is the Government making it harder for skilled migrants to move to Australia?
Q6 What visas are affected?
Q7 Does processing continue?
Q8 What can I do to be granted a visa in 2008-09?
Q9 How long will it take to process my visa? What about visa processing service standards?
Q10 Where do agents/clients enquire about specific cases?
Q11 What is the feedback mechanism for general queries about the change?
Q12 Has something like this happened before?
Q13 What will happen to those applications which are in the final stages of processing and where the department has requested applicants to provide health and character clearances?
Q14 What about applications outside the skill stream?

New Critical Skills List – 16 March 2009
Q1 What is the Critical Skills List (CSL)?
Q2 What changes are being made to the CSL?
Q3 Why are these trades being removed?
Q4 When do changes to the CSL take effect?
Q5 Will there be further changes this program year?
Q6 My nominated occupation was on the CSL, but has now been removed. What will happen to it now?
Q7 I have nominated an occupation which is on the CSL. How am I affected?
Q8 My occupation is now on the CSL. What should I do?
Q9 Can accountants that only have IELTS 6 or below and have not completed the Professional Year receive priority processing?

Priority processing
Q1 What will happen to priority processing with these changes to the migration program?
Q2 What are the processing priorities?
Q3 Which applicants will receive priority processing?
Q4 What subclasses are exempt from S499 Ministerial Direction?
Q5 When were the changes to priority processing introduced?
Q6 Why were the changes to priority processing introduced?
Q7 Are these changes temporary or permanent?
Q8 Is there any difference in processing between onshore and offshore programs?
Q9 What occupations or industries are affected?
Q10 What is happening to the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL)?
Q11 When will the review of the MODL be undertaken?

Employer sponsorship
Q1 An employer has offered me a job in Australia. Will I get priority processing?
Q2 An employer has offered to sponsor me. What should I do?

State and territory nomination
Q1 How can States and Territories nominate, or sponsor, people?
Q2 How many people can states and territories bring in under the state and territory skills shortage list?
Q3 What is the state skills shortage list?
Q4 Is there any restriction on the types of skills that states and territories can bring in under the state skills shortage list?
Q5 Can the states and territories bring in people with skills that are not on the CSL?
Q6 A State or Territory has agreed to nominate me. What do I do?
Q7 If I have already lodged an independent skilled application, is there any way to change it to a State Sponsored visa?

Q1 How will these changes impact on international students?
Q2 I am an international student, can I still apply for permanent residence?
Q3 The course I am studying will not allow me to qualify for an occupation on the Critical Skills List (CSL), can I still apply for a permanent residence visa?
Q4 What visas other than skill stream visas can I access?
Q5 The course I am studying will not allow me to qualify for an occupation on the Critical Skills List - Can I enrol in another course?
Q6 I am an education provider with students enrolled in a course that will not allow them to qualify for an occupation on the CSL and these students are now withdrawing their enrolment. Is the Government going to compensate me?
Q7 What further changes are proposed for the student program?

Subclass 457 – Business (Long Stay) visa
Q1 Do these changes affect my 457 application?

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